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Royal Carlton
50% Viura, 50% Malvasía
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Codorniu Pinot Noir Brut Rosée
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Hotel management is not an easy task. Most of the times, Professionals must be working when everybody is resting. In fact, most of the time their work will be to guarantee customer’s relax. Thus, it is very important to improve students skills regarding the field of customer’s satisfaction.

perfil profesional

Future professionals must be active and dynamic. Work in this sector is exhausting, so active people can endure this challenges much more easily.

Future professionals will meet many different people (staff, customers, etc) and to have a way with people is very necessary. At the same time being motivated allows to face problems as if they were just challenges, as if it was good fun.

Empathy is not enough, Professional must be participative and being able to be part of a work team, which sometimes is not easy.

Language skills are the best tools to reach customers. They open many doors in the labour market and enrich the perception of a global and international hotel sector.

It's necessary to be able to adapt to the different situations and to work against the clock in changing environments. As well as getting used to the “management by objectives” business strategy.

General knowledge is also very important, it is a strong effort but, this way, it is easier to reach customers, no matter where or which culture they come from

Success cases

Quality training is the key for professionals and also for our students success.

These are just a few examples, in fact each and every of our students is already a success:


lJhxHiDvSEw|Óscar Álvarez, The Westin 

|,zhdTyHMCKps|Ana M. Martínez, The Savoy

|,--J8E8LftqE|Enrique Martín-Aragón, Vincci

|,7ZxwPY0lcDk|Diego Fernández, Palladium

|,rL7HE6BLeXE|Rosana González, Meliá

|,YElNSR_owBQ|Javier Estévez, Topchef

|,smIQG7lj4jo|Álvaro Forján, NH 

|,F0elwXWVaWQ|Fernando Bodelón, AC

|,VNb1oXOXThM|Gabriela Walther, Grupo W

|,OdSrAaQ1qWA|J. Sáenz-Díaz, Relais & Chateaux

|,srBmIPZ8xik|Jesús Maseda, emprendedor

|,T3xxNrfT5DQ|Cesáreo García, Ibérica

|,gJiT9FG7nWQ|Ignacio Tierno, restaurante

|,6JUrDvbo8I0|Pablo Lamas, cruceros

|,tLZ5pmXY9Hs|Pablo Ojea, Barceló

|,UEK4j2WA0i8|Bruno Santos, Hoteles Santos

|,P6WlLkOfAqw|Pablo Guitián, AC

|,8zsUzPUL-Tk|Pablo Barreiro, independiente

|,PGrXA5nEk4E|Pablo Cabana, agencia de viajes

|,CcTLJZB1ZOo|Damián Muiño, Meliá

|,9Ged7C_-j9o|Silvia Carballo, Life Bookings

|,8KOnfoe-kKA|Rosalía Rodríguez, Meliá

|,qZLLM1g6hsU|J. Bernárdez y B. García, CSHG

|,clu61iO4s5A|Marta Senra, Ô Hotels

|,-G4YBckiJvk|Marco Varela, restaurante

|,2SASrkVvZmo|Marcos Fernández, Diamond

|,ZyNo7Zck-Ck|Javier Pet, Zahoz Hostelería

|,Iezajc8vu9Y|Luis Prieto, Tony Roma´s

|,nE85mNlLeJU|Anxo Rodríguez, cámping

|,LHP6tOQj8oY|Pablo Fernández, NH

|,W5UpsWOi-9g|M. J. Agrafojo, emprendedora

|,tytPDNYneYc|Fernando, Holiday Inn

|,S-YhhSWRkOM|Expo Shangai

|,Up8OEjWuTs0|Luis Riobóo, Palladium

|,-iCEpwYvA4Q|Oscar y Maite, Meliá

|,Jibb0d7t8vY|Miguel Lijó, Vincci

|,JLx5yPJwFI4|Yolanda Vicente, independiente

|,7xyoalcVHRs|Sergio Delpont, emprendedor

|,EvD77RV3Dkw|José Sánchez, CSHG

|,sbrPC_NZ_Oo|Lidia Souto, Meliá


Professional Development

desarrollo profesional

Service quality and excellence were slightly forgotten aspects in Spain until the 90s, in which a change, not only in the private sector but also in the institutions, took place. Times have changed, and customers are more and more demanding, so that formation improvement becomes crucial so as to train qualified professionals.


Nowadays, tourism is developing to sustainability and the search for excellence, offering unique experiences. Establishing a satisfaction bound between visitors and communities’ tourism resources in a reciprocal way. Professionals must diversify leisure offers and centres, such as CSHG, must offer more varied formative options.


This is clearly CSHG's main aim.

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